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Eva Clay is a rare and wild brand of genius.

“Eva is the entire package. Her deep heart and fierce desire to serve come through at every turn.”

She is particularly skilled at helping men and women navigate the tricky terrains of the heart toward more pure connections and love. I highly recommend getting to know her and her finely tuned set of skills.


“Eva is a woman who leads by example, who loves without apology.”

With a heart in full bloom – exuding intelligence that is not only beautiful, but inspiring. Learn about yourself and all that is possible for you side by side with Eva – and become who you know you can be.


“A delightful mix of brainy researcher and erotic goddess...”

…Eva Clay is a lover of the body. She holds women with power, intention and warmth. She’s an erotic leader we can all follow."


“RESPECT is the word for Eva Clay.”

She combines her 20 plus years of education and experience to love you into your best. Impressive is next. Her presence and character wows me. She is articulate and powerful on stage, leading groups and in one-on-one sessions. Also SKILLFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE, CARING, and DEDICATED. She brings men and women more into their bodies, to gain more confidence, improve their relationships, and have healthier sex lives. Eva is a superstar.


“Eva exudes embodied confidence, and brings a unique and potent blend of neuroscience, Tantra and sex education combined with her rich life experience.”

Anyone blessed to work with her will truly witness themselves transform as they allow self-love and desire to become their divine guidance. I have such a big YES for all that she is.


“Eva bridges deep spiritual practice, personal experience, AND the education to back up her teachings in a way I honestly haven't seen anywhere else.”

This woman's wisdom creates ripples of immense value. She helped me and my community understand the neurobiology of physical chemistry and provided us with life-altering (no exaggeration) tips to avoid some dating and love pitfalls so many women struggle with. She's also got a gorgeous sense of humor, lightness and realness. I highly recommend having her on your podcast, inviting her to your stages, hiring her, or finding some other way to get her in your world.


“I Love Eva Clay!”

She is brilliant, sexy and an impeccable guide for anything love-related. Her deep knowledge in psychology and sexuality make a powerful combination. I am grateful to be her friend and colleague; her work is life-changing!


“Eva Clay is a feminine force to behold!”

Having worked with her myself, I know firsthand she is a profound woman able to hold up the awareness mirror even the most committed of us too often prefer not to look into, but that we absolutely must if we are to claim the riches of our own heart. Eva helps you dive in and claim those riches – and she’s just plain ol’ damn great to work with, too.


“Eva Clay is a feminine leader through and through.”

She stands for your liberated self-expression, sensual pleasures, and sexual empowerment. Eva bridges the intellect and the emotional expression of the body so that you can come to know yourself in wholeness and power. Eva is smart, wise, funny and a real sister of love and compassion who has your highest good always in her sight. She’s a one-of-a-kind master guide and teacher, and you’ll benefit greatly by being in her presence!


“Radiant, fierce, highly educated, incredibly experienced, and deeply wise, Eva is a powerhouse of a woman.”

She touches the lives of all who cross her path. She is as committed to her own constant self-growth as she is helping others transform their own lives. Eva Clay is the real deal.


“A mystic, a scientist and deeply embodied practitioner of love, Eva is a rare and wild brand of genius.”

Her unique combination of teachings–based in psychology, neuroscience, sex education and spirituality–are at once deep, grounded, expansive and pragmatic. What she offers the world is nothing short of revolutionary.


“Eva’s a champion for those seeking to lead a sensuously expressed, outrageously satisfying life full of purpose and love.”

She’s a living model of what being a full spectrum woman looks like, offering her gifts based on her background in clinical psychology as well as straight up intuitive guidance sourced from primal insight. A trailblazer and a woman of fiery passion, Eva will draw out the parts of you still tentative about leading your life with desire, and she’ll bring you home to your birthright of confidence and unbridled self-love.


“When you need deep insight from a grounded place of wisdom, Eva Clay takes support to a whole new level.”

Her practical and intuitive guidance leads you from who you’ve been to who you’re becoming. Facilitating your transformation with a plethora of tools, Eva’s steady feminine presence is a gift to anyone who receives her council.


“Eva Clay is one of the most incredible beings I’ve ever met…and I mean that with all of my heart.”

Having done years of therapy and personal work, I often find it difficult to find a teacher who can meet me on a deep level. Eva took me to new heights with her wealth of knowledge and unique ability to apply that knowledge to real life. Her work is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Working with Eva is a profound gift and I couldn’t possibly recommend her more.


“Eva Clay is a pleasure powerhouse of knowledge, wisdom and heart.”

Not only is she a brilliant teacher who knows the workings of the human body and nervous system, but she’s also incredibly embodied. She lives and teaches from her emotional intelligence and vast somatic mastery. She has personally educated me on some very important knowledge when it comes to pussy pleasure. I turn to her wisdom often!




“Rarely have I seen a jewel as brilliant and refined as Eva Clay.”

I’ve witnessed her mesmerize groups of students with a depth of insight that leaves her listeners in a choir of ohh and ahhs. Her articulation and clarity comes not only through her professional & scholastic pursuits but her unwavering commitment to her own personal evolution. She’s genius!


“Eva is a genius!”

Working with Eva helped me totally transform my relationship with sex, pleasure, and ultimately my own POWER. Like most women, I used to look to men for fulfillment, but she taught me how to source it from MYSELF - and the result is that I’m actually happier, I find pleasure in EVERYTHING I do, and I feel WAY more empowered! Run - don’t walk - into her world.


“Eva is a woman whose guidance I trust implicitly, and her extensive training gives her a unique voice on women’s pleasure.”

She has a deep, caring heart and desire to make a difference, and she’s a true Super Heroine for personal empowerment. Any person who chooses to work with Eva is in very good hands indeed, and in for a truly transformational self loving revolution.


“Eva is a masterful teacher who embodies integrity and skill.”

She’s a truly embodied bad-ass goddess of a woman who serves in a way that is magically attuned. I highly recommend her - she’s a rare muse who absolutely lives what she teaches, and I’m blown away at her intelligence, grace, and confidence. Anyone who works with her can expect a profound transformation.


“Eva is a master at making you feel safe to love the deepest places in yourself. Her wisdom is extremely powerful.

I’m so grateful to have found her and to be accessing these tools which are helping me understand how to live with more joy, authenticity, and love.


Eva is a force of nature.”

She is deeply intuitive, radiantly self aware and fiercely committed to helping others to come into their power in their sexuality, relationships and purpose. Just as a bird is designed to fly or a fish is designed to swim, Eva is designed to help people discover themselves.


“Eva’s taught me so much about myself as a woman, how I am wired and that my thoughts, reactions and insecurities are actually a part of my biology!”

This has been a huge help in standing up for myself and not letting myself get belittled for being emotional or jealous or insecure at times. It has allowed me to speak with strength and to have compassion for myself.