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sex is an expression of your soul

I often meet people who’ve given up on love, or feel stagnant in their sex life. But as erotic beings, we have the opportunity keep evolving. Our sexuality is a highly dynamic and ever-expanding universe. If you pay loving attention to your mind and body, and give yourself permission to explore, you’ll find your erotic fire will burn brighter and brighter.


Your sexuality is a life-long adventure, to be celebrated and enjoyed.


In Western culture, we have a confusing take on sex.  It’s either shamed and repressed, or unconscious and over-indulged. For some reason, it's taboo to talk about. We’re expected to know how to make love without any quality guidance or education. YET...

Fulfilling sexuality is vital for a fulfilling life.

I help my clients to feel more pleasure than they ever thought possible.
I love to help you…

  • Turn the circuits on in your body, so you feel more alive, turned-on, and powerful.

  • Open to deeper and more satisfying intimacy.

  • Develop confidence by learning new techniques for sexual mastery.


Coaching & counseling

For Couples, Women and Men.

I am LGBTQ+, Poly and Kink-Friendly.



Make your love extraordinary.

Do you and your partner have different needs?  Have you lost the passion you once had? Sex is a vitally important part of a relationship - it’s how we bond and express love.  If there’s a breakdown in your intimate life, the solution may be closer than you think. There’s no need to struggle ~ in just a short time we can shift things dramatically.

I’ll help you….

  • Get in tune with each other and ignite a whole new flavor of passion.

  • Discover new edges that lead to hot and exciting intimacy.

  • Cut through conflict quickly so you can enjoy each other.

  • Learn how to touch each other in just the right ways, so you each get what you’re needing (called “pleasure-mapping”.  Sound fun? It is!)



Your Sexual Mastery is a Gift to Women.

Want to be a sexual ninja?  Let’s get to it. By confidently leading the sexual encounter, you can pleasure your woman so wildly that she’s always wanting more.  The good news get to be you.

If you’ll allow me to be your muse, you will... 

  • Get out of your head, and tune into your body.

  • Take your lovemaking skills to the next level.

  • Learn how to prolong erection and ejaculation.

  • Stop guessing start “reading” exactly what she wants.

  • Relax and enjoy intimacy without shame, self-criticism or embarrassment.



You Deserve a Delicious and Soulful Sex Life!

Let me start with this fact:  You are never, ever broken. You were born to be a wild, luscious creature of beauty, worthy of worship and adoration.  Your body is wired for pleasure - BUT - you may be encountering a temporary block. Maybe you’ve never felt the full bloom of your sexual potential, and you’re realizing you no longer want to miss out.  Using Eva’s 5 Pillars of Feminine Sexual Awakening, we’ll re-wire your body and mind so you can….

  • Enjoy many forms of Orgasm - clitoral, vaginal, cervical, full-body and more!

  • Invigorate desire & libido.

  • Feel empowered to communicate your needs and desires, without fear of ruining the moment.

  • Learn the secrets of seduction, flirtation, and feminine magnetism.

  • Love your body by cultivating unconditional self-love.




The Courses

woman hand white sheet.jpg

The Path to Pleasure

This is a proven, step-by-step method to re-wire your sexual mindset and awaken your body’s capacity for pleasure.

Black woman smelling flowers.jpg

Aphrodite Circle

Become an erotic - and - empowered goddess through the art of sacred seduction, allure and feminine magnetism.


The Bliss Retreat

Awaken pleasure through the beauty of nature! Let go of all stress and set your Wild Woman free to play...