To Find Big Love You Must Stop Playing Small


Deep down, women often believe that playing full-out in life will make it harder to find love. But exactly the opposite is true.

When you’re playing in your pleasure, and working in your divine assignment, THAT’S when your Beloved appears. When your soul is aligned with your work, your whole being sings, and he will hear that song and follow it until he finds you. And when he does, he will match you vibrationally. 

If you stay small, and shine less than 100%, SO WILL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.

This is the recipe for chronic disappointment and frustration. When you hold back your gifts, your soul is in agony, so to soothe the pain the mind steps in to invent “stories” that reconcile the gap between what you’re doing, and what you’re CAPABLE of doing.

That’s when we choose partners based on our unhealed wounding, low self-worth, and addictive needs.

So SHINE ON brilliant ones. DO NOT dim your light or your PLEASURE. And a love beyond your wildest dreams will come. 

I want this reality for you, because I love you.

-  Eva