Is Your P*ssy Magic?


Is your p*ssy magic?✨

A woman’s capacity for sexual pleasure is physiologically informed by how she feels about her body, and our culture SLAMS us with messages that our sex organs are gross, evil, and ugly. 

(Exhibit A – Labiaplasty is the world’s fastest growing cosmetic procedure. Exhibit B – the disappearance of pubic hair. Both are sad events in my book). 

If you’re laying with your partner worried that he might find you disgusting, it’s super hard to relax & enjoy things. Ever done that? Probably most of us have. 

If you don’t love it => it ain’t gonna feel good

I SAY: Buck the BS that your exquisite flower is anything other than holy, intelligent, and your ALLY. Partners that worship your pu$$y will help (pictured)

Have a running conversation with your p*ssy all day. Touch Her, check in with Her, give Her a voice. The more you think about Her, it plumps up the nerve highway between the brain and pelvis, and you’ll have more sensation and pleasure. Pussy is happiest when She’s heard and respected. Can you relate???

Nature installed magnificent bells and whistles to ensure that you want – and get – the deep soul-stirring, multi-orgasmic sex you need. 

==> If this is not happening OFTEN for you, step into my world.

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