What If I Don't Orgasm?


I’m tired of hearing women say, “I don’t orgasm.” Or:
“It’s hard for me to get off”
“I take too long, so I fake it.”
”It only happens with a vibrator” [shame face]

And this one gets to me: “I don’t know if I’ve ever had an orgasm.”

All of these unfortunate complaints are the result of pure patriarchal BS! From sexual mis-education and lies we’ve been fed that women’s sexuality should be like men’s -and- should please men.

To YOU beloved, lovely lady: if you’ve ever questioned the “rightness” of YOUR particular version of orgasm or what you call non-orgasm: NOTHING WILL MAKE YOU 0RGASM MORE/BETTER/FASTER IF YOU BELIEVE YOU’RE BROKEN.

👉🏼 You are not broken
👉🏼 Nothing is wrong with you
👉🏼 There is much for you (and all of us!) to discover.

🔥 Orgasm were a mind-blowing, full body blast-off to outer space where you dissolved into bliss, met God, and downloaded all the mysteries of the universe??

🔥 Orgasm were available to you in every moment, in response to all things that make you happy? Chocolate-gasms, sunset-gasms, wine-gasms? I’m talking ORGASM FOR DAYS!
==> Welcome to my world, step inside….

I love you,


For Womeneva clay