Loneliness Is Your Lover


Dear Ones,

Stop reaching for shallow, temporary fulfillment.

Stop trying to numb yourself with things and people that have no capacity to love you in the way you’re aching to be loved.

There are treasures hiding in your sorrow, let yourself break open to them. All the way open, until you have no other option but to dance with the darkness inside you.

Until your hunger drives you to plunge your tongue into the sweet pot of chaos in your heart. Until you savor your aloneness like wild honey on the tongue. 

Transform your craving for love into POWER.  And rock your loneliness. Full out.

Because when you realize you are everything already, then…you can bravely curate the connections that aren’t nourishing you. Shift them, or let them go (ask me how).

Delight in the sumptuousness of your own company.

Breathe into your belly, that tender bowl of wisdom and longing, and love it. Oh my goodness, love it.

Loneliness is sacred kindling for the fire of desire; put your breath upon its flames.

Feel it burn away what’s holding you back from love. Let it show you what you really, really want.

Then, see that your heart is a vast and holy temple. Kneel upon its steps. Inhale the crisp air of possibility hanging in its halls.

And when you’re ready, let it fill with light.

Only light.

I love you,


For Botheva clay