Why You're Obsessing On Him


We all know that good sex gives women superpowers.

If we’re touched – physically or emotionally – in the right way for US, we get a major flood of hormones that trigger an explosion of good things – like confidence, and creativity. But these hormones also trigger OBSESSIVE THINKING and self-sacrificing behaviors (!) as nature’s way of pair-bonding us with potential baby-daddies.

If the source of our pleasure then disappears for whatever reason, we will literally go into chemical withdrawal. ACTUAL, real, painful withdrawal.

In order for women to sexually empower, we have to understand the ways in which evolution designed us to pursue love. It’s not a weakness, it’s our nature.

The only problem is that it conflicts with our culture, which tells us we’re “crazy” for being so emotional or needy.

Here’s the deal – When you’re aware of your physiology (I can actually FEEL my oxytocin kickin’), you can PARTNER with your own emotional body, instead of being tossed around by it. You can modulate the release of these hormones and master your sex life. Then – dating, love, commitment, one night stands, long-term monogamy – whatever your flavor – becomes a playground instead of a minefield.

Sound good? Can I tempt you to learn more?

It will completely transform the way you do sex and love, and trust me, it’s WAY MORE FUN than a broken heart.

And I love you,