When You Really Just Need to Lay Down


So – I’ve been tired. You know – that kind of tiredness that comes from the bones, the soul. My work in the world is exploding, which is GREAT, but I decided to take a break and head to an ashram for a spiritual re-set (an ashram is a Hindu religious retreat).

I know there’s a place for structure and discipline. I’m a big believer in it.

I tried in my over-achiever way. I sat chanting for hours at 4am. But everything in me screamed “THIS IS NOT WHAT YOUR SOUL NEEDS.”

The dogma, the orthodoxy – it had no joy, spontaneity or pleasure! There was no flow, nothing honoring the feminine form, no song, dance, or expression.

Turns out I’m not so good at ashram-ming.

It was a profound reminder for me of the necessity for pleasure as a spiritual practice, of the place that ecstasy holds in our sacred process, and that the REAL spiritual authority is my own inner guidance.

And my inner guidance said, “EVA, LAY DOWN”.

So I did. On rocks, grass, and for endless hours in a hammock. I skipped all the satsangs and asanas and sadhanas and followed the religion of my heart.

At the end of my week, I felt spiritually re-set, NOT from the chanting or rigid postures of the discipline, but from the deep nourishment of nature.

In fact, I extended my trip and I’m still here in the Sierra Mountains, listening to nature and laying in all sorts of places that call me.

You’re allowed to find enlightenment in YOUR way.

==> MY way is ecstasy.  And at the moment – LAYING DOWN.  

What is YOUR soul craving that might be outside the rules? 

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