The Modern Woman Smiles With a Cosmic Secret (She Knows God Is In Her Panties)

The Modern Woman…. Is turned about her own life, and understands it’s her power source. Has a smile like a cosmic secret, as if god were in her panties. Is not ashamed to choose a career over a child, or vice versa.  Often chooses both. Celebrates her desires unabashedly. Takes extraordinary pleasure in most things, and understands that pleasure is an essential vitamin. Has sway and grace in her stride. Laughter rolls easily from her mouth. Knows her worth, from deep inside, and achieves incredible things from that place. Extends great compassion, but rarely compromises. Makes eye contact and is not afraid to meet the world. Is curious and does not apologize for it. Is ambitious and does not apologize for it. Allows her erotic nature to fully express. Boldly insists that challenges are sacred opportunities. Takes ownership that she is the Creatrix of her life. Asks for what she wants. Enjoys the breadth of her emotional body and is not afraid of tears. But knows when not make choices from emotional reactivity. Makes a stand to protect herself, her sisters, and all of life. Delights in the mystery of her nature; cyclical, flowing, ever-shifting. Gracefully surrenders when needed. Is aware and active in representing the feminine voice in political systems. Embraces the full spectrum of experience, even the challenges, and knows they brings her more alive. Interprets set backs and suffering to be exquisite messages about her life purpose. Is continually healing, learning and growing at all times.  She uncovers and heals her wounds, sabotaging patterns, and limiting beliefs. Knows that if he doesn’t call back he’s not for her. Honors her cycles, and draws wisdom from the moon. Decides who she wants to be in the world, and what she wants to create. Is wild, unruly, and often unkempt. Chooses relationships that honor and inspire her. Has the courage to meet her own edges. Lifts up other women. Puts her phone away at meals. Is driven by rhythm; she sings, drums, and dances with zealous abandon.  

eva clay